ST Life.augmented


Event and booth details

14-15 May 2013
CTICC, Cape Town

In the world’s quest to deliver more energy to more people, STMicroelectronics is developing innovative solutions using the Smart Grid and Smart Metering to increase the quality of life. These technologies help enrich customer’s products, to make them more efficient, appealing, reliable and safe, therefore helping the end user live life, augmented!


Activities at the event

At the ST booth, visitors discovered our innovative and optimal solutions for in-home energy monitoring and metering.

The following solutions were demonstrated:

  • Smart meter with Automatic Meter Infrastracture
  • Smart Gas meter, with Wireless Meter bus (WMBUS) Stack.
  • In Home Display solution with Smart Plug
  • STM32F4 FPU CortexM4 with TFT capability