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Here we offer the reader both traditional presentations in downloadable pdf format and, for specific products and applications, we offer Videos and ePresentations which may be viewed at your convenience online.

The Videos are mostly showing demonstrations of products, whilst the ePresentations give a deeper and more technical description of the products and their application.


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Next-generation digital A/V interface


Product series and tools

STM8L and STM32 L1

Ultra-low-power MCUs





STM32 F4 series - World's fastest Cortex - M MCUs

High performance Cortex™- M4 MCUs with DSP and FPU instructions and featuring up to 120 DMIPS

Dual Interface EEPROM with energy harvesting

How the M24LR16E harvests energy coming from RFID systems to power the board it is mounted on, enabling innovative battery-less designs

STM32W wireless networkinf MCUs

STM32W MCUs controlling wireless sensor networks based on the IEEE 802.15.4 RF

STM32 firmware library with IAR workbench v6.2

How to setup the IAR workbench environment to build projects with the STM32 formware library