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The free sample program is dedicated to users signing in with their corporate emails, ISP email users are not supported by this program.
To order free Sample pls. follow the procedure below:
Step 1  Log in
You need to register at  to place an order. If you already are a member, just log in.
Step 2  Add a free sample to your shopping basket
To add a device to your shopping basket, you need to enter the part number reference. To search for a ST eligible free sample reference, you have two options:
Option 1 enter a part number in the 'part number' search field available on the top  right  pane of this page, click on the  part number hyperlink. under the ‘Sample & Buy’ tab you will find  ‘Free samples'  tab to click.  When you click on the icon 'add to cart'   and  it will be added to your shopping basket, then you can proceed to checkout.
Option 2  from the home page click on the “Product Catalog/Parametric Search’ tab, from there,  you can click on a class and view all the products in a class. Click on the “part number” hyperlink of the product you selected, then proceed as under option 1.
Step 3 Proceed to checkout
Once you have added all items in your shopping basket, you can proceed to checkout by clicking on the related button.
Once you clicked on "Checkout", you may want to modify your shipping address. To change your shipping address, click on
' Shipping Address' bar, then click "Continue". Please note, the default address is your mailing address.
Step 4  Project description
In order to support your application we need to have some information related to your project. Please complete the "My Project" description form, then click on “Confirm Order’. To view your orders and their status click on "My Order History".
Once you have confirmed your order, you will receive a confirmation email. Please note, STMicroelectronics offers the free sample service to all registered visitors. However, ST reserves the right to qualify each request  by accepting or rejecting the order.  
Step 5  Shipment notification
When your order has been accepted by ST, you will receive a shipment notice by email. Please note, all orders will be shipped from US within 1 to 5 working days.