ST Life.augmented

Customer requirements

In ST, we work closely with our customers to fulfill their requirements and ensure compliance with all agreed customer requirements. This means
   Bullet Understanding the requirements of our customers and markets
   Bullet Comparing them with our standard operation rules and performance
   Bullet Analyzing the feasibility of new requirements not currently implemented
   Bullet Deploying agreed upon requirements
   Bullet Monitoring trends for upcoming demands and aligning ST systems to satisfy them
Each requirement is thoroughly analyzed to ensure that it complies with company ethics and business rules. ST adheres to the most stringent standards and regulations in our industry.
We assess our ability to meet a proposed customer requirement prior to agreement in order to guarantee compliance between customer requests and the corresponding product or service.
A requirement may be negotiated to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. When a customer requirement is approved by ST, a formal contractual agreement is set up defining the rules for conducting business.