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Third Parties for SPEAr Embedded Microprocessors

A number of 3rd party development and debugging tools exist to support SPEAr eMPUs.

  • Adeneo: Adeneo has developed a Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 BSP (board support package) for the SPEAr600 evaluation board EVALSPEAr600.
  • ARM: The latest ARM Development Studio 5 supports the entire SPEAr300 series (SPEAr300, SPEAr310 and SPEAr320). 
  • Documentation and forums on all ARM cores used in SPEAr products can be found on the ARM  Infocenter.
  • Green Hills Software:  INTEGRITY®  real-time operating system, MULTI® integrated environment, optimized C/C++ compilers, Green Hills Probe for low-level control of ARM core.
  • IAR Systems:   IAR Embedded Workbench® for ARM integrated development environment and optimizing C/C++ compiler for ARM.
  • Lauterbach:  ROM Monitor for ARM Family Serial Access, JTAG Debugger for ARM9 (ICD), Instruction Set Simulator for ARM.
  • Mentor Embedded:  The award-winning Mentor Embedded Inflexion UI enables developers to rapidly implement rich UIs on SPEAr eMPUs.   Developers can use a drag-and-drop approach via the Inflexion UI Express PC tool, and then run the UI on an efficient and powerful 2D and 3D engine, resulting in reduced development effort and quicker SPEAr-based product developments.
  • Wind River: Wind River offers a comprehensive device development portfolio, including professional services and customer support, hardware integration expertise and a thriving partner ecosystem.  They offer full support for SPEAr-based products, including embedded operating systems and development tools.