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A leading supplier of comparators, ST’s portfolio offers:

  • High-speed comparators, with response times as fast as 8 ns
  • Low-power comparators with operating currents as low as 210 nA
  • High-temperature (150°C) qualified devices
  • Guaranteed specified min/max electrical performances

Our automotive-grade products are AEC-Q100 qualified and tested with certified high-reliability flow, to meet the very specific, rigorous demands of the automotive market.


Nanopower comparators enabling high-performance and longer operating times with smaller batteries

The TS88 line features an industry-leading low power consumption and high speed enabling high performances and longer operating times with smaller batteries.

The TS88 nanopower single, dual and quad comparators offer an ultra-low power consumption of 210 nA typical when supplied by 1.2 V, thus drawing less than half the current of competing devices.

The TS881, TS882 and TS884 combine a supply voltage range as low as 1.1 to 5.5 V over a wide temperature range with push-pull outputs and rail-to-rail inputs. Housed in space saving SC70, DFN8 (2x2) and QFN16 (3x3) packages, they are ideal for sensor signal conditioning and battery-supplied applications, such as CO detectors and medical handheld devices.

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