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Low Offset Voltage Op Amps (<1 mV)

ST’s precision operational amplifier portfolio includes several series covering different voltage ranges, as well as many possible combinations of power consumption and gain bandwidth, allowing customers to get the best performance for the appropriate accuracy.

ST’s precision op amp solutions include zero drift amplifiers and amplifiers with a low offset drift over temperature. Thus the precision op amps from ST are a perfect fit for use with any sensor, including gas, temperature, pressure, and position sensors. Moreover, the rail-to-rail input and output feature allows easy and accurate high-side and low-side sensing.

Low Offset Voltage Op Amp

Low power, high precision, zero drift op amp

The OA1ZHA, OA2ZHA, OA4ZHA zero drift low power op amp family,  exhibits the highest accuracy with also a very low offset voltage (5 µV ) and with virtually zero drift over temperature. A single, dual and quad op amp version are available, and all have the smallest package option. All devices also feature rail-to-rail input and output, an excellent speed/power consumption ratio, and 400 kHz gain bandwidth product, while consuming less than 40 μA at 5 V. As such the OAxZHA family is the ideal choice for sensor interfaces, driving analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) in all space constrained and battery-powered applications such as wearable, fitness and healthcare to mention just a few.
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