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Motor Driver ICs

Lower cost, higher reliability, better performance and shorter design cycles are the result of ST’s innovations in motor control ICs. Our monolithic motor drivers make DC, stepper and brushless motor control designs more efficient in a variety of applications such as industrial, robotics, printers, points-of-sale (ATM, vending machines, ticketing), medical and security.

  • powerSPIN: Integrated PWM controller and DMOS bridge for brush DC, bipolar stepper and permanent-magnet 3-phase brushless motors, offering non-dissipative overcurrent detection.
  • easySPIN: Best trade-off between performance and cost for microstepping applications. No external shunts required due to an innovative current-mode scheme.  
  • FlexSPIN: Highly integrated for cost-driven applications such as printers. Controls and drives multi-motor applications (stepper and DC simultaneously) or inverter stages with its 4 fully-configurable full-bridge drivers.
  • dSPIN: New state-of-the-art platform for stepper motor drives, a quantum leap in microstepping. Substitutes expensive DSP, analog and power components with a single IC. Its fully-digital motion engine with SPI interface controls the stepper motor with up to 128 microsteps, and the innovative voltage-mode technique allows for unprecedented motion smoothness.
  •  cSPIN: SPI advanced controller for stepper applications, providing fully digital control of the motion through speed profile generation and positioning calculations. It integrates a dual full bridge gate driver for external MOSFET with embedded non-dissipative overcurrent protection.
Motor driver ICs
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