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EasySPIN Motor Driver ICs

ST’s easySPIN L6474 integrates a dual low RDS(on) DMOS full bridge with all power switches equipped with an accurate current-sensing circuitry suitable for non-dissipative current control and overcurrent protection. A new current control achieves a 1/16 step resolution using an adaptive decay mode which outperforms traditional implementations, reducing the current ripple.

easySPIN devices integrate a full set of protection features that guarantee the high robustness required by the most demanding industrial applications.

Key benefits of easySPIN:

  • Fully configurable through SPI interface: the daisy-chain makes it possible to use a single 4-wire SPI to control multiple devices
  • Advanced current control to provide robust and flexible driving of the motor phases, dynamically adapting to minimize the current ripple
  • Integrated in a single chip, avoiding more expensive and space consuming discrete solutions
  • A full set of protection functions for the most demanding motor control applications that helps to further reduce the number of external components, the cost and complexity
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