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cSPIN motor driver ICs

ST’s cSPIN motor drivers feature a unique solution for microstepper motor driving. They integrate in a single chip a digital motion engine, a dual full bridge gate driver for external MOSFETs, an SPI interface and diagnostics, and several protection features, such as non-dissipative overcurrent protection.

cSPIN’s high level of integration simplifies motor control design, reduces system BOM and cost, with no compromise on quality. cSPIN features excellent motion smoothness right up to a resolution of 128 microsteps. The MOSFET gate drivers operate from 8 V to 85 V, which allows applications to scale smoothly over a wide power range up to 500 W.

By generating acceleration, deceleration and positioning sequences autonomously, the motion engine executes high-level commands received from the host controller via SPI, thus reducing the MCU workload, system cost and development time.

The cSPIN family today includes the L6480 and L6482. The L6480 features a novel voltage technique able to reach a resolution of 128 microsteps, while the L6482 is controlled using a predictive current technique.

Key benefits of cSPIN:

  • Fully-digital motion control to allow the user to set a variety of features: target speed, acceleration, deceleration, absolute and relative position; with the integrated motion engine and SPI interface, no need for an external microcontroller or DSP
  • Possibility to drive 8 external N-channel MOSFETs making ST’s solutions scalable for different application ratings up to 85 V buses
  • Innovative voltage-mode control (available on the L6480) to provide a resolution of 128 microsteps per step
  • Advanced current control (available on the L6482) to provide robust and flexible driving of the motor phases that dynamically adapts to minimize the current ripple
  • Integrated in a single chip, avoiding more expensive and space consuming discrete solutions
  • A full set of protection functions for the most demanding motor control applications that further reduces the number of external components, the cost and complexity


STSW-SPIN005 firmware library for stepper motor drivers

STSW-SPIN firmware library enables a quick and easy development of solutions centered around L6480 and L6482 stepper motor drivers. The library includes all the assembly blocks required to completely configure the devices, creates motion commands like forward and reverse with defined acceleration and deceleration ramps and manages the extensive and effective diagnostics suite that helps design bullet proof applications. Get firmware.
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