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High-temperature 6A sensitive Triacs
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Specifically designed to operate at 150 °C, the new 6 A T610H TRIAC provides an enhanced performance in terms of power loss and thermal dissipation. This allows the optimization of the heatsink size, leading to space and cost effectiveness when compared to electromechanical solutions.

Based on ST logic level technology, the T610H offers an IGT lower than 10 mA and specified minimal commutation and high noise immunity levels valid up to the Tj max.

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Key Features

  • Medium current TRIAC
  • Logic level sensitive TRIAC
  • 150 °C max. Tj turn-off commutation
  • Clip bounding
  • RoHS (2002/95/EC) compliant package

Design Resources


Technical Documentation

Product Specifications

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DS6276: High temperature 6 A sensitive TRIACs
1.1 107 KB

Application Notes

Description Version Size
AN2703: Parameter list for SCRs, TRIACs, AC switches, and DIACS
2.5 99 KB
AN302: Thyristors and TRIACs: holding current - an important parameter
3.3 138 KB

Technical Notes & Articles

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TN1173: Packing information for IPAD™, protection, rectifiers, thyristors and AC Switches
3.1 333 KB

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High-temperature Triacs
1.1 294 KB

Selection Guides

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Thyristors, Triacs, AC switches and A.S.D™ selection guide
1.0 1,717 KB

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T610H-6TActiveTO-220ABTube150-.588No availability reported, please contact our Sales officeEcopack2 (**)-

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