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Bluetooth͐2;2; V2.1 + EDR ("Lisbon") for automotive applications
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The STA2500D is a single chip Bluetooth solution that is fully optimized for automotive applications such as telematics, navigation and portable navigation. Power consumption levels are targeted at battery powered devices and single chip solution brings cost advantages. Manufacturers can easily and quickly integrate the STA2500D on their product to enable a rapid time to market.

STA2500D supports the Bluetooth specification V2.1 + EDR ("Lisbon") and is optimized in terms of RF performance and cost.

The STA2500D is a ROM-based solution targeted at applications requiring integration up to HCI level. Patch RAM is available, enabling multiple patches/upgrades and fast time to volume. The STA2500D’s main interfaces are UART or SPI for HCI transport, PCM for voice and GPIOs for control purposes.

The radio has been designed specifically for single chip requirements, for low power consumption and minimum BOM count.

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Key Features

  • Based on Ericsson technology licensing baseband core (EBC)
  • Bluetooth™ specification compliance: V2.1 + EDR ("Lisbon")Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint (up to 7 slaves) and scatternet capabilitySupport ACL and SCO linksExtended SCO (eSCO) linksFaster connection
  • HW support for packet typesACL: DM1, DM3, DM5, DH1, DH3, DH5, 2- DH1, 2-DH3, 2-DH5, 3-DH1, 3-DH3, 3-DH5SCO: HV1, HV3 and DVeSCO: EV3, EV4, EV5, 2-EV3, 2-EV5, 3- EV3, 3-EV5
  • Adaptive frequency hopping (AFH)
  • Channel quality driven data rate (CQDDR)
  • "Lisbon" featuresEncryption pause/resume (EPR)Extended inquiry response (EIR)Link supervision time out (LSTO)Secure simple pairingSniff subratingQuality of service (QoS) Packet boundary flag Erroneous data delivery
  • Transmit powerPower class 2 and power class 1.5 (above 4 dBm)Programmable output powerPower class 1 compatible
  • HCIHCI H4 and enhanced H4 transport layerHCI proprietary commands (e.g. peripherals control)Single HCI command for patch/upgrade downloadeSCO over HCI supported
  • Supports pitch-period error concealment (PPEC)
  • Efficient and flexible support for WLAN coexistence scenarios
  • Low power consumptionUltra low power architecture with 3 different low-power levelsDeep sleep modes, including host-power saving featureDual wake-up mechanism: initiated by the host or by the Bluetooth device
  • Communication interfacesFast UART up to 4 MHzFlexible SPI interface up to 13 MHzPCM interfaceUp to 10 additional flexibly programmable GPIOsExternal interrupts possible through the GPIOsFast I2C interface as master
  • Clock supportSystem clock input (digital or sine wave) at 9.6, 10, 13, 16, 16.8, 19.2, 26, 33.6 or 38.4 MHzLow power clock input at 3.2 kHz, 32 kHz and 32.768 kHz
  • Memory organizationOn chip RAM, including provision for patchesOn chip ROM, preloaded with SW up to HCI
  • Ciphering support up to 128-bit key
  • Single power supply with internal regulators for core voltage generation
  • Supports 1.65 V to 2.85 V I/O systems
  • Auto calibration (VCO, filters)

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DS6414: Bluetooth™ V2.1 + EDR ("Lisbon") for automotive applications
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