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Voltage regulator with dc-dc plus switchable linear regulators controlled by I2C bus
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L5962 is a very versatile device exploiting BCD technology characteristics to provide a complete set of regulated voltages covering all the needs of a car-radio set.

In standby condition the device guarantees extremely low quiescent current (90 μA max -40 ˚C < T < 85 ˚C) and minimum operating voltage (4.5 V using an external Schottky diode for the back-up function).

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Key Features

  • Step-down synchronous switching voltage regulator
  • Internal high-side/ Low-side NDMOS
  • 1.2 < Vout < 8 V selectable through external resistors
  • 1.2/2.5 A load current selected through dedicated pin
  • 185 kHz free-run frequency
  • SYNC function (220 < fsw < 400 kHz)
  • Linear regulators
  • 3.3/5 V @ 150 mA standby regulator selected through dedicated pin (VSTBYSEL)
  • 5/8.5 V @ 350 mA switched linear regulator enabled and selected through I2C bus (VLR1)
  • 3.3/10 V @ 1 A switched linear regulator enabled and selected through I2C bus (VLR2)
  • 2 High side drivers (0.5 V max drop @ 0.5 A) enabled through I2C bus and equipped with protection circuit against:
  • short to ground and battery
  • loss of ground and battery
  • unsupplied short to battery
  • Reset function with configurable delay (RST, RSTDLY)
  • I2C bus
  • Enable pin to drive switching regulator and I2C bus logic
  • Under/over voltage battery detector (VBATVW)
  • Under voltage threshold adjustable through dedicated pin (LVWIN)
  • Load dump protection
  • Independent thermal protection on all regulators

Circuit Diagram

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Technical Documentation

Product Specifications

Description Version Size
DS6613: Multiple linear/switching voltage regulator for car-radio
3.0 250 KB

Application Notes

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AN2817: Guidelines for application design using L5962
2.0 1,537 KB

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Automotive infotainment power management
281 KB

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