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Xpander Logic 18-bit enhanced port expander with keypad controller
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The STMPE1801 is a GPIO (general purpose input/output) port expander capable of interfacing a main digital ASIC via the two-line bidirectional bus (I2C). A separate GPIO expander IC is often used in mobile multimedia platforms to resolve the problem of the limited number of GPIOs typically available on digital engines.

The STMPE1801 offers high flexibility, as each I/O can be configured as input, output, special key, keypad matrix or dedicated key function. This

device is designed to include very low quiescent current, and a wakeup feature for each I/O, to optimize the power consumption of the device. Potential applications for the STMPE1801 include portable media players, game consoles, mobile and smart phones.

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Key Features

  • 18 GPIOs configurable as GPI, GPO, keypad matrix, special key or dedicated key function
  • Operating voltage: 1.65 - 3.6 V
  • Hardware keypad controller (KPC) (10 x 8 matrix with 4 optional dedicated keys maximum)
  • Keypad controller capable of detecting keypress in hibernation mode
  • Interrupt output (open drain) pin
  • Advanced power management system
  • Ultra-low standby mode current
  • Programmable pull-up resistors for all GPIO pins
  • ESD performance on GPIO pins:
  • ± 8 kV human body model (JESD22 A114-C)
  • ESD performance on VCC, GND, INTB, RSTB, SCL, SDA pins:
  • ± 3 kV human body model (JESD22 A114-C)

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Product Specifications

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DS6934: Xpander Logic™ 18-bit enhanced port expander with keypad controller
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AN3245: A hardware and software guide for the STMPE1801 Xpander Logic™ 18-bit enhanced port expander with keypad controller
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