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Multi-band RF Synthesizers

Combining high performance, high integration, wideband and multi-band capabilities, ST's STW8110x RF-synthesizer single-chip family is an alternative to discrete, expensive and bulky PLL and VCO solutions. Our integrated multi-band RF synthesizers reduce RF BOM and footprint by up to 60% while increasing reliability.

Each component of the STW8110x family includes an integer-N frequency synthesizer and two fully integrated VCOs which feature low phase noise and a noise floor of -154 dBc/Hz. The combination of wide frequency-range VCOs and multiple output options (direct output, divided by two, or divided by four) allows the synthesizers to show multi-band features and frequency coverage up to 5 GHz.

Benefits are:

  • High level of integration: single-chip PLL and VCOs leads to reduced BOM and footprint plus increased reliability
  • Wideband coverage: only single-chip synthesizers operating up to 5 GHz
  • Multi-band support: multiple output options enable each synthesizer to address 1-, 2- and 4-GHz bands
  • Excellent PLL phase noise: best-in-class integrated phase noise performance 
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