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STarGrid Power Line Transceivers

STarGRID® is ST’s new breakthrough platform for large-scale smart-metering infrastructures and future smart-grid solutions. The STarGRID platform combines a high-performance DSP core with a programmable protocol engine, along with the full analog front-end (AFE) and power-line driver in a single chip, for a complete, flexible and cost-effective narrowband power-line communication.
It includes specific SoC implementations (ST7570, ST7580 and ST7590), featuring:

  • High modularity and flexibility: compliant with multiple modulations, multiple protocols
  • High integration: DSP PHY processor, protocol stack engine, analog front-end, power-line driver, AES encryption and auxiliary functions in a single chip
  • High scalability suitable for future-proof implementations in different markets and applications
  • Openness: ideal either for open standards or proprietary protocol implementations
  • Ease-of-use: certified and field-proven turnkey implementations available for main protocol specifications such as IEC 61334-5-1, Meters and More, PRIME, and others

By optimizing power consumption and system cost, STarGRID is an ideal platform not only for smart-metering applications, but also for many other applications that can use narrowband PLC connectivity, including home and building automation, smart-energy load control, photovoltaic panel monitoring, street lighting remote management, as well as many others.


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