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Smart Sensors and Sensor Hubs

Smart Sensors
Combining state-of-the-art motion sensing with the powerful brains of an ARM® Cortex™ microprocessor core, ST’s smart sensors run all sensor-fusion related functions on board. They include a sensor-hub function to coordinate and synchronize additional sensors, including magnetic and environmental sensors.
Smart sensors are ideal for baseband chipsets that do not include a sensor coprocessor, minimizing application latency and energy consumption at the system level.
Sensors Hubs
ST’s sensor hub products combine state-of-the-art motion sensing with I²C, SPI master/slave interfaces and FIFO features. This enables the merging and synchronization of additional sensor inputs, including environmental sensors. 

LSM6DB0 6-axis smart sensor

The LSM6DB0 smart sensor is the latest device in ST’s iNEMO™ smart-sensor family. It is the only device on the market that can efficiently run all of the sensor-related features specified in Android™ KitKat™ 4.4 on board – saving power, enabling faster reaction time and simplifying device design.
Thanks to the open microprocessor architecture, device manufacturers can integrate their own custom sensor application software.
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