ST Life.augmented


You've landed on a new ST website and wonder what's new.


  • A New look and Feel.
    We have implemented a new site organisation in line with new ST Corporate Branding guidelines.
  • Fast navigation through the Product Catalog,
    This is augmented by an improved Parametric Search (with a soon to be released Tablet compatible version), reachable from every page in the site via the top bar navigation..
  • Home Page access to Product and Applications.
    In response to your requests we deliver access to our Products and Applications for faster access to various "top level" home pages. The new, more detailed Product Tree enables more specific Product Sub-Categories.
  • A dedicated 'Resources' widget,
    This widget is present in all product pages under the left navigation displaying and enabling fast access to resources relevant to the products represented in that page.
  • Direct links to the Support.
    We offer, in all product pages, quick access to engineering communities, FAQs, learning and "Featured products" to keep you close to the product support we believe will help your designs and to help you reach support and communities, quickly, from every page you visit.
  • A brand new e-STore,
    This new e-STore is currently dedicated to the direct purchase of development kits and evaluation boards and soon to be hosting Software products downloads.
  • New full size personalized private sites (myST),
    This private site is dedicated to registered visitors and to our valuable customers, containing public and private content and activities.
  • Better organized Learning and Tools and Software home pages,
    This section has been upgraded and automated with more improvements planned soon.
  • More content
    We have developed even more flexible Product Folders (with the see all in a single page and made them  tablet friendly).

This will be soon followed by a brand new, full version mobile site optimized for mobile access specifically with the tablets users in mind.

We took into consideration many of the suggestions and criticism we have received and hope you will find our effort useful and valuable.
However, this is a brand new version and, bugs and errors would have probably escaped our checking. We would appreciate your comments, suggestions and error notifications using the temporary Feedback button on the bottom left corner of all pages.