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  • 集成式解调功能,支持高效且经济的机顶盒平台
  • 几乎与所有中间件均兼容
  • 支持最新广播和宽带内容的尖端技术
  • 市面上能效最高的处理器,达到了全部现有和未来能效目标,例如欧盟能源指令和能源之星第二阶段(EnergyStar Tier 2)
  • 基于高端模型的3D图形和3D立体声内容支持,为您的客户提供家庭娱乐系统的最新体验
  • 面向目标零售zapper市场的高集成度增值MPEG-2解决方案
  • 最佳内容安全功能

STiH3 series multimedia application processors

ST’s latest server-box multimedia application-processor system-on-chips, the STiH3 server-box product family support decode and display resolution up to the leading-edge Ultra HD and the next-generation H.265 / HEVC  video compression. This combination sets to extend the viewing experience for end users with more realistic and in-the-action immersion.

The STiH310 (codenamed ‘Cannes’) supports HEVC decoding, and therefore permits IP service providers a means of offering HD content to a greater number of customers. The STiH312 (codenamed 'Cannes Ultra') offers Ultra HD (2160p) decoding.

In addition, the STiH301 (codenamed 'Liege2'), also supporting HEVC, raises the bar in entry and mid-range broadcast set-top boxes and Internet Protocol (IP) clients. It enables broadcasters and operators to leverage this new bandwidth-efficient encoding technology for HD broadcast by offering more channels in equivalent bandwidth or using less bandwidth to reach the end user without a significant increase in bill-of-materials costs.

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