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  •  支持整个应用环境
  • 多屏幕同时播放HD多媒体
  • 广播和OTT互联网内容
  • 适于包括3D、HD游戏在内的应用
  • 3D用户界面
  • 3D HD媒体
  • 通过DLNA或RVU之类的标准建立遍布整个家的媒体网络
  • 最佳内容安全功能

STiH4 series multimedia application processors

ST’s latest server-box multimedia application-processor system-on-chips, the STiH4 server-box product family (codenamed ‘Monaco’), support decode and display resolution up to the leading-edge Ultra HD and the next-generation H.265 / HEVC video compression. This combination sets to extend the viewing experience for end users with more realistic and in-the-action immersion.

The STiH4 'Monaco' series integrates the Faroudja® Transcode Engine, providing best-in-class transcoding capabilities for multi-screen streaming across consumer and handheld devices.

The STiH410 supports HEVC decoding, and therefore permits IP service providers a means of offering HD content to a greater number of customers.

The 'Monaco Ultra' STiH412 offers Ultra HD (2160p) decoding.

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