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Ultra-low-power 3-in-1 module with proximity sensor, gesture and ambient light sensing

The VL6180X is the first fully integrated proximity and ambient light sensor, based on ST’s patented FlightSenseTM technology which allows absolute distance measurement, independent of target reflectance. Combining IR emitter, range sensor (0 to 10 cm), and ambient light sensor (1 to 100 kLux), the VL6180X module enhances multiple applications, keeping very low power consumption (<1 μA in standby mode, and 1.7 mA during typical ranging operation). Distance and signal level can also be used by host system to implement a simple gesture recognition feature.

The associated evaluation kit, PREMIUM-VL6180X, comprises a STM32 F401RE Nucleo based motherboard and a VL6180X expansion board. The output results from the sensor are immediately visible on an embedded digital display, and additional software is also available to offer an advanced GUI through personal computer. The part number for the VL6180X Premium EVK is STSW-VL6180X.

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