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意法半导体的产品系列包含各种微控制器,从稳定的低成本8位MCU到带有各种外设的32位ARM Cortex™-M0、Cortex™-M0+、Cortex™-M3和Cortex™-M4 Flash微控制器。意法半导体还通过推出超低功耗微控制器平台而扩展了产品系列。


Selecting the right ST MCU was never that easy

Selecting the right ST MCU was never that easy

The ST MCU Finder is a free app for smartphones and tablets, guiding you through the portfolio of more than 400 STM32 and STM8 MCUs, to select the best fit for your application

The selection results can be shared and technical features and documentation can be instantly accessed.

An integrated feed provides up-to-date worldwide and local news around STM32 and STM8 MCUs

Supported languages are English, Chinese and Japanese.

The ST MCU Finder is currently available on GooglePlay, AppStore and Windows Store


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