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意法半导体的STM8AF系列面向无法降低参数要求(从可靠性到系统成本)的标准汽车应用。 STM8AF系列属于模块化产品,性能高,提供了短开发周期所需的灵活性。 真正的数据EEPROM以及经受高达150 度环境温度的能力让该系列适于汽车应用。

STM8AF automotive MCUs with CAN

STM8AF5286 and STM8AF52A6 automotive CAN and LIN line 8-bit MCUs are new members of ST's automotive MCU portfolio to serve space-constrained modules connected to a CAN bus. Up to 2 Kbytes of on-board true data EEPROM with an endurance of 300k cycles, removing overhead for EEPROM emulation.

You can start evaluating these new devices now with the STM8A-DISCOVERY kit.