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Ultra-low-power ARM Cortex-M3 MCU with 32 Kbytes Flash, 32 MHz CPU, USB
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超低功耗STM32L15xxx具有通用串行总线(USB)的连接功能,整合了工作频率为32MHz的高性能ARM Cortex-M3 32位RISC内核、存储器保护单元(MPU)、高速嵌入式存储器(Flash存储器和RAM的容量分别高达128K字节和16K字节),和大量连至2条APB总线的增强型I/O与外设。 所有器件均带有1个12位ADC、2个DAC、2个超低功耗比较器、6个16位通用定时器和2个可以用作时基的基本定时器。 此外,STM32L15xxx器件还包含标准与高级通信接口:22个I²C和SPI、3个USART和1个USB。它们还带有1个实时时钟和一组在待机模式下仍保持带电的后备寄存器。 最后,集成式LCD控制器内置有LCD电压发生器,让您最多能够驱动8个多路复用LCD,LCD的对比度不受电源电压的影响。

超低功耗STM32L15xxx的供电电压范围是:具有BOR时为1.8~3.6V(掉电时电压低至1.65V),关闭BOR时为1.65~3.6V。 工作温度范围为-40~+85°C。 适合低功耗应用设计的一组完整的节电模式。

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Key Features

  • 工作条件Operating power supply range: 1.65 V to 3.6 V (without BOR) or 1.8 V to 3.6 V (with BOR option)Temperature range: –40 to 85 °C
  • 低功耗特性4 modes: Sleep, Low-power run (9 μA at 32 kHz), Low-power sleep (4.4 μA),Stop with RTC (1.45 μA), Stop (570 nA), Standby (300 nA)Dynamic core voltage scaling down to 233 μA/MHzUltralow leakage per I/O: 50 nAFast wakeup from Stop: 8 μsThree wakeup pins
  • 内核:ARM 32位Cortex-M3 CPU32 MHz maximum frequency,33.3 DMIPS peak (Dhrystone 2.1)Memory protection unit
  • 复位和电源管理Low power, ultrasafe BOR (brownout reset) with 5 selectable thresholdsUltralow power POR/PDRProgrammable voltage detector (PVD)
  • 时钟管理1 to 24 MHz crystal oscillator32 kHz oscillator for RTC with calibrationInternal 16 MHz factory-trimmed RCInternal 37 kHz low consumption RCInternal multispeed low power RC, 65 kHz to 4.2 MHz with consumption down to 1.5 μAPLL for CPU clock and USB (48 MHz)
  • 低功耗日历RTCAlarm, periodic wakeup from Stop/Standby
  • 存储器Up to 128 Kbyte of Flash memory with ECC4 Kbyte of data EEPROM with ECCUp to 16 Kbyte of RAM
  • 多达83个高速I/O(其中有73个耐压5V),都可以映射到16个外部中断矢量上
  • 开发支持Serial wire debug, JTAG and trace
  • DMA:7通道DMA控制器,支持定时器、ADC、SPI、2I²C和USART
  • 段式LCD驱动8 × 40或4 × 44,带有升压转换器
  • 12位ADC:1Msps,多达24个通道Temperature sensor and internal voltage referenceOperates down to 1.8 V
  • 2 × 12位DAC,带有输出缓冲器
  • 2个超低功耗比较器Window mode and wakeup capability
  • 10个定时器:6 × 16-bit general-purpose timers, each with up to 4 IC/OC/PWM channels2 × 16-bit basic timers2 × watchdog timers (independent and window)
  • 多达8个通信接口Up to 2 × I2C interfaces (SMBus/PMBus)Up to 3 × USARTs (ISO 7816 interface, LIN, IrDA capability, modem control)Up to 2 × SPIs (16 Mbit/s)USB 2.0 full speed interface
  • CRC计算单元、96位唯一ID

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Technical Documentation

Product Specifications

描述 版本 大小
DS6876: Ultra-low-power 32-bit MCU ARM-based Cortex®-M3, 128KB Flash, 16KB SRAM, 4KB EEPROM, LCD, USB, ADC, DAC
10.0 1,962 KB

Application Notes

描述 版本 大小
AN1181: 静电放电敏感性测量
1.4 299 KB
AN1709: ST 微控制器电磁兼容性 (EMC) 设计指南
1.7 1,040 KB
AN2869: 触摸感应式应用设计指南
1.0 602 KB
AN3193: STM32L1xx ultralow power features overview
2.0 234 KB
AN3248: Using STM32L1 analog comparators in application cases
3.0 318 KB
AN3364: STM32 微控制器应用的 移植和兼容性指南
3.0 1,323 KB
AN3371: Using the hardware real-time clock (RTC) in STM32 F0, F2, F3, F4 and L1 series of MCUs
5.0 422 KB
AN3422: Migration of microcontroller applications from STM32F1 to STM32L1 series
2.0 312 KB
AN3429: STM32 proprietary code protection overview
1.1 60 KB
AN3998: STM32 微控制器上的 PDM 音频软件解码
1.2 780 KB
AN4310: Sampling capacitor selection guide for MCU based touch sensing applications
2.0 175 KB
AN4316: Tuning a STMTouch-based application
2.0 1,178 KB

Technical Notes & Articles

描述 版本 大小
TA0340: STM32L Cortex-M3 microcontroller for usage in low-power healthcare applications
1.0 358 KB
TA0342: Accurate power consumption estimation for STM32L1 series of ultra-low-power microcontrollers
2.0 343 KB
TN0830: How to use EWARM 6.2x with projects built with EWARM 6.1 and previous versions
1.1 97 KB
TN1176: Migrating from STM32L15xx6/8/B to STM32L15xx6/8/B-A and from STM32L100x6/8/B to STM32L100x6/8/B-A
1.0 265 KB

Reference Manual

描述 版本 大小
RM0038: STM32L100xx, STM32L151xx, STM32L152xx and STM32L162xx advanced ARM®-based 32-bit MCUs
11.0 15,196 KB

Errata Sheet

描述 版本 大小
ES0125: STM32L100x6/8/B, STM32L151x6/8/B and STM32L152x6/8/B ultra-low-power MCU limitations
10.0 402 KB

HW Model & CAD Libraries

HW Model & CAD Libraries

描述 版本 大小
STM32 Boundary Scan Description Language (BSDL) files
3.0.0 195 KB

Presentations & Training Material


描述 版本 大小
Fire alarms and smoke detectors - Application guide
1.0.0 336 KB
STM8L and STM32 L1 series - Ultra-low-power platform
790 KB

Related Tools and Software

Related Tools and Software

产品型号 描述
STM32L152-EVAL Evaluation board for STM32L1 series - with STM32L152VB MCU
STX-PRO/RAIS Unlimited in-circuit debugging/programming tool for STM32, STR7 and STR9
STM32-WMA/DEC Audio Engine WMA Decoder and Utilities
ST-LINK/V2 ST-LINK/V2 in-circuit debugger/programmer for STM8 and STM32
STM-STUDIO STM Studio run-time variables monitoring and visualization tool for STM8 and STM32 microcontrollers
STM32L152-SK/IAR IAR starter kit for STM32 L1 series - with STM32L152VB MCU
NUCLEO-L152RE STM32 Nucleo development board with STM32L152RET6 MCU, supports Arduino
32L1-TOUCH-LIB STM32L1 STMTouch touch-sensing library
32L152CDISCOVERY Discovery kit with STM32L152RCT6 MCU
STSW-STM32072 STM32L1 Discovery firmware package (RN0079)
STSW-STM32014 Improving STM32F1x and STM32L1x ADC resolution by oversampling (AN2668)
STSW-STM32007 Using the STM32F1x and STM32L1x DMA controller (AN2548)
STM32L152D-EVAL Evaluation board for STM32L1 series - with STM32L152ZD MCU
STM32L-DISCOVERY Discovery kit for STM32L151/152 line - with STM32L152RB MCU
STSW-STM32011 Smartcard interface with the STM32F10x and STM32L1xx microcontrollers (AN2598)
STM32-PRIMER Complete Primer ready to use from Raisonance for easy evaluation and development with STM32 MCUs
STM32CubeL1 Embedded software for STM32 L1 series (HAL low level drivers, USB, File system, RTOS, Touch Sensing, Graphic - coming with examples running on ST boards)
STM32CubeF3 Embedded software for STM32 F3 series (HAL low level drivers, USB, File system, RTOS, Touch Sensing, Graphic - coming with examples running on ST boards)
STM32CubeL0 Embedded software for STM32 L0 series (HAL low level drivers, USB, File system, RTOS, Touch Sensing - coming with examples running on ST boards)
STM32CubeF2 Embedded software for STM32 F2 series (HAL low level drivers, USB, TCP/IP, File system, RTOS, Graphic - coming with examples running on ST boards)
STM32-CRYP-LIB STM32 cryptographic library (UM0586)
STSW-STM32135 Playing audio file interfacing STM32L1xx microcontroller with an external I2S audio codec (AN4309)
STemWin Professional graphical stack library enabling the building up of Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) (AN4323)
STM32-EXPERIMENT IAR Experiment! Kits for STM32 MCUs
STSW-STM32AN4187 Using CRC peripheral in STM32 family (AN4187)
STSW-STM32127 STM32F10xx, STM32F2xx, STM32F4xx and STM32L1xx I2C Communication peripheral application library (CPAL) (UM1029)
STSW-STM32121 STM32F10x, STM32L1xx and STM32F3xx USB full speed device library (UM0424)
STSW-STM32080 DfuSe USB device firmware upgrade STMicroelectronics extension: contains the demo GUI, debugging GUI, all sources files and the protocol layer (UM0412)
STSW-STM32077 STM32L1xx standard peripherals library
STSW-STM32076 STM32L1xx internal RC oscillators calibration (AN3300)
STSW-STM32075 STM32L1xx in-application programming (IAP) using the USART (AN3310)
STSW-STM32017 STM32F10xxx Speex library firmware STM32, StdPeriph Lib, speex, audio (AN2812)
STSW-STM32002 Clock configuration tool for STM32L1xx microcontrollers (AN3309)
STMPRIMER EvoPrimer components to build your own EvoPrimer for easy evaluation and development with STM32 and STM8 MCUs
STSW-DALI002 STM32L1 DALI slave library
STSW-STM32099 STM32 secure firmware upgrade (SFU) overview (AN4023)
STSW-STM32098 STM32 embedded GUI library (AN3128)
STSW-STM32094 STM32 in-application programming over the I2C bus (AN3078)
STSW-STM32047 Implementing receivers for infrared remote control protocols using STM32F1 microcontrollers (AN3174)
STSW-STM32028 STM32's ADC modes and their applications (AN3116)
STSW-STM32025 Managing the Driver Enable signal for RS-485 and IO-Link communications with the STM32 USART
VisualTFT A standalone application used for rapid development of graphical user interfaces for TFT displays. Software generates code for STM32 MCUs. Code is fully compatible with mikroElektronika compilers mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal
mikroBasicPRO A full-featured Basic compiler which makes STM32 development suitable for everyone
mikroPascalPRO A full-featured Pascal compiler for STM32 devices. It has an intuitive IDE with docking support, rich with features, advanced text editor, many available tools, libraries and examples
mikroCPRO A full-featured ANSI C compiler for STM32 devices. It features an intuitive IDE, powerful compiler with advanced optimizations
CoSmart An intelligent code generation tool, which can detect pin setting conflicts, generate complete source code, IDE projects, chip package figure, pin configuration report and module configuration report through graphical pins configuration
CoIDE A free and highly-integrated software development environment for ARM Cortex MCUs
TrueVERIFIER Tool for advanced test automation. The product performs source code analysis and auto-generate unit tests that exercise an extensive set of different execution paths
TrueANALYSER A tool that performs advanced test quality measurements. The product performs dynamic execution flow analysis and provides rigorous code coverage measurements.
TrueINSPECTOR A tool that detects potential coding issues at an early stage. The product performs static source code inspection and generates software metrics and code complexity measurements
TrueSTUDIO The premier C/C++ development tool for STM32 development, with its unrivalled feature set and unprecedented integration
CrossWorks Based on CrossStudio integrated development environment with JTAG Flash download and debug
RIDE Raisonance IDE that drives the RLink and Signum JTAGjet in-circuit emulators.
MDK-ARM MDK-ARM is the complete software development environment for Cortex-M, ARM7, and ARM9 devices
Hitop5 Universal user interface, IDE and debugger for all Hitex development tools
MULTI Integrated development and debug environment for embedded applications using C and C++.
EmbestIDE Includes project manager, source-code editor, compiler, debugger, ARM instruction set simulator
AsIDE Includes the SlickEditor, project management, build capability and pre-packaged adaptation for most popular third-party tools
TASKINGVX TASKING VX-toolset for ARM based on Altium's Viper C compiler technology
STVP ST Visual Programmer for programming ST7, STM8 and STM32
STX-RLINK In-circuit debugger/programmer for STM8, ST7, STM32, STR7 and STR9 microcontrollers
STSW-STM32103 STM32 Serial Wire Viewer (SWV) and Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM)capabilities. Examples and technical note.
STSW-STM32102 STM32 Virtual COM Port Driver
TAP-KNX-KAIStack KNX home automation for STM8 and STM32, from Tapko Technologies GMBH
STM32-PRIMER/LAB Complete EvoPrimer ready-to-use from Raisonance for STM32 standalone programmer & application monitor
ALTIA-GUI Altia DeepScreen for STM32: Graphical user interface (GUI)
WITT-RTOS Wittenstein OpenRTOS, commercial flavor of open source FreeRTOS
WITT-RTOS-SAFE Wittenstein SafeRTOS, safety-certified flavor of open source FreeRTOS
X-CUBE-nRF51DRV STM32Cube nRF51 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) embedded software
STSW-STM32149 STM32 nRF51 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) embedded software
FREE-RTOS Free Real Time Operating System for STM32 ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers families
IAR-EWARM IAR Integrated development environment and optimizing C/C++ compiler for ARM Cortex-M
WEI-KNX Weinzierl KNX standard communication protocols for the STM32 ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers families (KNX Stack)
YOG-fRSTL Functional safety Test Libraries from Yogitech for STM32 ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers families
emtas-CANopen CANopen Protocol Stack for STM32
EXP-TRACE Express Logic TraceX Graphical finetuning tool
EXP-FILE Express Logic FileX file system
EXP-USB Express Logic USBX USB stack
EXP-RTOS Express Logic ThreadX Real time operating system (RTOS)
ORYX-SSL Oryx CycloneSSL lightweight SSL/TLS implementation
ORYX-TCP Oryx CycloneTCP TCP/IP stack (IPv4, IPv6)
WITT-MW Wittenstein Middleware components (USB, File System, TCP/IP, ...)

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STM32L151C6T6TRActiveLQFP 48 7x7x1.4Tape And Reel-4085-Distributor reported inventory date: 2015-01-25
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STM32L151C6U6ActiveUFQFPN 48 7x7x0.55Tray-4085-Distributor reported inventory date: 2015-01-26
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