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意法半导体的安全型微控制器产品系列面向移动和安全应用,符合最新安全标准的要求,例如通用准则EAL6+、ICAO和TCG1.2。 我们的安全型微控制器带有各种面向接触式和非接触式通信的接口,包括ISO 7816、ISO 14443 A和B类、NFC、USB、SPI和I²C。意法半导体’的安全型微控制器平台采用高度安全的架构,整合了先进的CPU(例如ARM’的SC300和SC000)和高级嵌入式非易失性存储器技术(例如90 nm嵌入式Flash和90 nm嵌入式EEPROM技术)。

New SDKs for ST54 and ST31 secure MCU platforms.

The SDK-W-ST54 and SDK-W-ST31 are software development kits (SDK) based on the ST54 or ST31 secure MCU platforms. They constitute reference starter kits for secure wearable devices. These SDKs are designed to swiftly add NFC contactless services to MCU-based solutions on wearables and Internet of Things. They support all business modes: banking and OEMs. For that, they are unified between ST31 banking products and ST54 full NFC and embedded secure element (eSE) solutions. 


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