ST Life.augmented


ST, a world-leading supplier of secure microcontrollers, has developed a family of highly-secure solutions for manufacturers who wish to protect their brand against counterfeit, cloning or any illegitimate use.

AuKey consists of a secure operating system that runs on top of the latest generation of secure microcontrollers and provides authentication services to the main application processor for it to distinguish between genuine and unwanted parts.

New STSAFE-A secure element securing your IoT device

The  STSAFE-A100 is the ideal companion of a general purpose microcontroller to support an high level of security in all the IoT devices.  It has never been easier or faster to build highly secure solutions, featuring

  • Authentication
  • Secure communication
  • Secure storage
  • Secure Firmware upgrade
  • USB Type-C authentication compliant
  • Hardware Certified CC EAL5+ AVA VAN5
  • Industrialization & Personalization services
  • Host software libraries and prototyping tools