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M24LR系列具有与符合ISO 15693要求的NFC手机兼容的远程RFID接口。它具有创新型能量捕获功能,能够实现无电池设计。它适于包括消费电子、计算机外设、家用电器、工业自动化和医疗产品在内的应用。

  • ISO 15693标签RF接口
  • 电压范围为1.8 ~ 5.5 V的400 kHz I²C串行接口
  • EEPROM存储器容量:4 ~ 64 Kb
  • 能量捕获
  • 32位密码保护
  • RF WIP/busy输出引脚
  • 简单的天线设计,向下兼容M24SR系列

Everything is Smart with the M24LR series

Information stored in smartmeters includes documentation, localization of the meter and specific settings linked to the consumer consumption. The M24LR series device can act as the black box of the meter, storing errors, logins and verification dates. The NFC interface is complementary to the Power Line, Zigbee or Sub Giga Hertz RF communication as a dedicated interface for commissioning and to simplify pairing with the main RF communication.
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