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意法半导体的RF收发器IC让设计者能够构建自己的RF读写系统,以便与双接口EEPROM器件通信。这些收发器IC支持13.56 MHz的RFID频率,适于各种应用,例如卫生保健、家用电器、消费电子和行业识别系统。它们通过标准串行接口与主处理器通信,支持ISO 14443A/B、ISO 15693和NFC协议。

ST95HF NFC / RFID Transceiver

The Shanghai Stollmann module NFCMod+S68 integrates ST’s ST95HF NFC / RFID transceiver IC and an STM32F4 microcontroller. Along with the Stollman protocol stacks, the ST95HF enables the module to support almost all types of contactless smart cards and tags available on the market. This ready-to-use solution is compliant with the ISO14443 A/B Felica and ISO 15699 standards; it supports reader mode, card mode, and balanced point to point data communication.  Get started fast with ST95HF IC.
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