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  • 业内最大的存储容量 - 2 Mb
  • 最小的标准封装UFDFPN5
  • 最小的WLCSP封装  
  • 保证实现4百万擦写和200年的数据保存时间
  • 3大总线类型
    • M24 I²C系列:高达2 Mb容量、1 MHz频率
    • M95 SPI系列:高达2 Mb容量、20 MHz频率,支持片选功能
    • M93 Microwire系列:高达16 Kb 容量
  • 微型封装(WLCSP、UFDFPN8、UFDFPN5)和小型封装(SO8、TSSOP8)
  • 工作电压范围:5.5 ~ 1.7 V(某些元件甚至低至1.6 V)
  • 特性
    • 可锁定识别页(I²C或SPI总线)
    • 可编程模块保护(Microwire总线)
  • 标准串口EEPROM和汽车级EEPROM的设计资源中都有IBIS及Verilog模型



4 ball WLCSP EEPROM designed for tiny Camera modules.

Camera modules for mobile devices follow a path of quick miniaturization while display resolution increases and requires a higher set of parameters to operate efficiently.

The 4-ball WLSCP I2C EEPROM family provides a minimal pin count, footprint and thickness, fitting the most stringent hardware design requirements. In addition, thanks to internally-wired device select code options, the EEPROM for rear and front cameras can share the same I2C bus, providing further module design optimization.

The factory-programmed settings can also be protected when selecting products with the software write-protect instruction.

Manufacturing robustness aspects are also covered with an optional back-side coating.

Choose your product: Compatible 4-ball I2C (with industry-standard footprint) or SWP 4-ball I2C (with software write-protect option)

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