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意法半导体的碳化硅(SiC)MOSFET是基于新型碳化硅材料的创新型MOSFET,具有极低的单位面积导通内阻RDS(on) *(在1200 V的额定电压下)和出色的开关性能,从而实现了系统的高效率和高功率密度。与硅MOSFET相比,即使在高温下,SiC MOSFET尤其具有高温下极低导通电阻的优势。与同类中最佳的1200 V IGBT相比,SiC MOSFET具有在所有温度范围内超快速开关性能的优势,从而简化了电力电子系统的散热设计。

SiC MOSFET的主要特性和优势包括:

  • 极高的工作结温(Tj max = 200 °C),缩小了PCB尺寸(简化了热设计),提高了系统可靠性
  • 大幅降低了开关损耗(随温度变化影响最小),从而实现了更紧凑的设计(采用更小巧的无源元件)
  • 低导通电阻(典型值,80 mΩ @ 25 °C),提高了系统效率(降低了散热要求)
  • 易于驱动(经济型网络驱动)
  • 稳定的超快速本体二极管(无需外部续流二极管,从而进一步缩小了系统尺寸)

New 1200 V, 189 mΩ (typ) SiC power MOSFET

ST has extended its SiC MOSFET portfolio with the introduction of the 189 mΩ typ (at 150 °C), 1200 V SCT20N120. Just as the 80 mΩ version (SCT30N120), the device is packaged in the proprietary HiP247™ package and features the industry’s highest junction temperature rating of 200 °C. It shows a very small variation of the on-state resistance versus Tj and also the switching performance is consistent over temperature. This easy-to-drive device can operate at three times the switching frequency of similar-rated IGBTs and results in more compact, reliable and efficient designs in applications such as solar inverters, high-voltage power supplies and high-efficiency drives.
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