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300-400V (内置钳位)绝缘栅双极晶体管(IGBT)

这些IGBT被用作高性能汽车点火系统的线圈驱动器,提供了不同的箝位电压(典型值介于350 V和410 V之间)和电流水平(10 A ~ 30 A)。 由于热补偿内置式齐纳二极管具有稳定的性能,所以在整个温度范围(-55 ~ 175 °C)内它们都具有极为稳定的VCES。 集成式齐纳二极管还实现了电压尖峰保护,从而能够防止IGBT在击穿条件下运行。 提供的封装选项包括DPAK、IPAK、D2PAK和TO-220。

Automotive-grade 390 V clamped IGBTs

Based on ST’s proprietary PowerMESH planar punch-through process, the 390 V clamped STGD20N40LZ and STGB20N40LZ IGBTs are ideal for pencil coil electronic ignition switch applications thanks to their high latch-up capability and SCIS ruggedness (180 mJ avalanche energy at L=3 mH, TC = 150 °C). Available in the DPAK and D2PAK respectively, these AEC-Q101-qualified IGBTs also feature gate-to-emitter ESD protection, low saturation voltage during on-state (1.8 V max @ TJ = 175 °C), high pulsed current capacity and logic level gate drive for space-saving, high-efficiency and cost-effective designs.
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