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意法半导体提供大量运算放大器,包括行业标准和高性能运算放大器: 我们的优势在于:

  • 市面上最广泛的微功率运算放大器,功耗低至2µA
  • 可靠的大批量标准和高性能运算放大器供应商
  • 采用节省空间的封装:DFN、QFN、SOT-23和SC-70


  • 很宽的电源电压范围:1 ~ 36 V
  • 灵活的输入配置
  • 高性能-功耗比


amplifiers and comparators op amp


Extremely low power, 5V op amp

The OA1NP, OA2NP, OA4NP series of CMOS op amp provide an industry-leading low power consumption thus enabling high performance and longer operating times, even when supplied by small coin cell batteries. The single, dual and quad amplifiers offer an ultra-low power typical consumption of 580 nA  when powered from a 1.8 V voltage supply. The OAxNP series can be powered off from a voltage source ranging  from 1.5 to 5.5 V and the 8 kHz gain bandwidth of these devices makes them ideal for sensor signal conditioning and battery-supplied applications, such as wearable devices , CO detectors and medical handheld tools.
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