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Low Power Op Amp


OA1NPOA2NPOA4NP系列CMOS运算放大器具有业内领先的低功耗特性,可实现高性能和延长设备使用时间,即使采用小型纽扣电池亦是如此。在1.8V的工作电压下,它们的典型功耗值可以达到超低的580 nA。OAxNP系列的供电电压范围从1.5至5.5V,8 kHz增益带宽使其成为传感器信号调节和电池供电应用的理想选择,例如可穿戴式设备、CO检测器和手持式医疗器械等。

TSZ121 family: Ultra precision and low-power op amp for IoT applications

ST’s new zero-drift op amps ideal choice for sensor and control interfaces in a wide range of battery-powered IoT applications.

The devices operate from 1.8V to 5.5V, with quiescent current below 40μA at 5V, gain-bandwidth product of 400kHz, and ultra-low input bias current.

  • The single-channel TSZ121 is pin- and package-compatible with comparable devices from other manufacturers.
  • The dual-channel TSZ122 offers popular MiniSO-8 and SO-8 packages plus the option of a miniature 2mm x 2mm DFN8.
  • The TSZ124 quad op amp in TSSOP-14 and 3mm x 3mm QFN16

This family provides the industry’s broadest choice of zero-drift op amps.

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