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意法半导体’的HDMI系列为HDMI 1.4发射器和发射器接口实现了集成式ESD保护与信号调节。


  • CEC、DDC、HEAC、5 V和HPD 8 kV接触ESD保护
  • 集成式I²C双向整形和电平转换器
  • 可以直接连接低压HDMI ASIC
  • 为5 V输出端实现了短路和过热保护
  • 支持长或者质量差的HDMI电缆
  • 优化了待机模式下的功耗,并且可以通过CEC唤醒

New HDMI 2.0 IPAD series for today’s fastest Ultra-HD data rates

Designing-in one of  ST’s new HDMI2C1 series devices can save up to 80% of pc-board space compared to a solution using discrete protection components. The proven protection helps accelerate time to market for fast-moving consumer products such as Ultra-HD set-top boxes and Blu-ray players. HDMI2C1 pin assignments are optimized to enable use with single- or two-layer boards. HDMI2C1 series – with HDMI2C1-14HD, HDMI2C1-14HDS and HDMI2C1-6C1 – is dedicated to HDMI source interfaces, and HDMI2C2-14HD to sink interfaces. All are IEC 61000-4-2 compliant, up to 8kV contact discharge.
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