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意法半导体’推出了STPTIC系列可调RF电容器。 这些可调电容器面向手机应用、RF可调应用。

意法半导体’的STPTIC系列包含电容介于2.7 pF和8.2 pF之间的标准电容。这些可调电容可以通过2~20 V偏压进行控制,调谐比为3.5:1。


ST takes up the challenge of a 5 to 1 tuning ratio with its STPTIC G2 series

ST’s new generation of STPTIC tunable capacitors extends the range – with the new G2 series – with a typical capacitance range, starting from 1.5 pF now, to 8.2 pF. These ‘G2’ tunable capacitors are now controlled through an extended bias voltage range – from 1 to 24 V – with a tuning ratio of 5 to 1.
They are housed in a 4-bump 0.4-mm-pitch flip-chip package and are initially available as evaluation samples in 1.5pF (nom) STPTIC-15G2, 3.9pF (nom) STPTIC-39G2 and 6.8 pF (nom) STPTIC-68G2 versions.

The STPTIC capacitors are controlled using a bias voltage from 1V to 24V, such as ST’s STHVDAC-253M controller, designed specifically to deliver the wide-tuning bias-voltage required. The controller provides three outputs to control STPTICs for multiple antennas and connects to the smartphone host system via an industry-standard RF Front-End (RFFE) interface.

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