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The SRK2000 smart driver implements a control scheme specific to secondary-side synchronous rectification in LLC resonant converters that use a transformer with center-tap secondary winding for full-wave rectification.

It provides two high current gate drive outputs, each capable of driving one or more N-channel Power MOSFETs. Each gate driver is controlled separately and an interlocking logic circuit prevents the two synchronous rectifier MOSFETs from conducting simultaneously.

The control scheme in this IC allows for each synchronous rectifier to be switched on as the corresponding half-winding starts conducting and switched off as its current goes to zero. A unique feature of this IC is its intelligent automatic sleep mode. It allows the detection of a low-power operating condition for the converter and puts the IC into a low consumption sleep mode where gate driving is stopped and quiescent consumption is reduced. In this way, converter efficiency improves at light load, where synchronous rectification is no longer beneficial. The IC automatically exits sleep mode and restarts switching as it recognizes that the load for the converter has increased.

A noticeable feature is the very low external component count required.

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Key Features

  • Secondary-side synchronous rectifier controller optimized for LLC resonant converters
  • Protection against current reversal
  • Safe management of load transient, light load and startup condition
  • Intelligent automatic sleep mode at light load
  • Dual gate driver for N-channel MOSFETs with 1 A source and 3.5 A sink drive current
  • Operating voltage range 4.5 to 32 V
  • Programmable UVLO with hysteresis
  • 250 μA quiescent consumption
  • Operating frequency up to 500 kHz
  • Available in SO-8 package

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Technical Documentation

Product Specifications

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DS6922: Synchronous rectifier smart driver for LLC resonant converters
3.0 391 KB

Application Notes

描述 版本 大小
AN3014: 19 V, 90 W resonant converter with synchronous rectification using the L6563H, L6599A and SRK2000
2.1 1,005 KB
AN3233: 12 V - 150 W resonant converter with synchronous rectification using the L6563H, L6599A, and SRK2000
1.0 2,155 KB
AN3303: Secondary-side rectification for an LLC resonant converter featuring the SRK2000
2.0 2,183 KB

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产品型号 描述
EVL150W-ADP-SR 12 V - 150 W resonant converter with synchronous rectification using the L6563H, L6599A, and SRK2000

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SRK2000DActiveSO-8Tube_-.985No availability reported, please contact our Sales officeEcopack2PDF
SRK2000DTRActiveSO-8Tape And Reel_-.985Distributor reported inventory date: 2015-03-30
Distributor NameRegionStockMin. order
Farnell Element14Order NowEUROPE24941

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