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意法半导体’的LED阵列驱动器全面集成了驱动高亮度LED所需的全部功能。 这些器件在单芯片解决方案内实现了恒流控制。 外部元件减少到只有一个电阻器,用来为所有输出设置首选最大电流。 器件还具有其他特性,例如大电流、高精度、局部和整体LED亮度调整、热关断、误差检测和自动节电功能。

Expanding range of Automotive qualified LED array drivers

With the addition of the ALED1642GW, our offer of LED array driver products manufactured and qualified to meet and exceed Automotive industry requirements is growing adding new functionalities to the existing range like:

  • individually Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controlled outputs to implement a 16 grayscale dimming,
  • auto power shut-down/wake-up capability to help minimizing power consumption
  • programmable turn-on and turn-off time to help designer meeting tight Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) constrains

Check out our other Automotive qualified LED array drivers STAP08DP05 (8 channels), STAP16DPPS05 (16 channels) and its higher current counterpart STAP16DPS05

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