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意法半导体’的EnFilm™薄膜电池是一种新的超薄(200 µm)可充电固态电池理念,具有充电快和使用寿命长的特点。

EnFilm器件的占位面积为25.4 x 25.4 mm,采用LiCoO2阴极、LiPON陶瓷电解质和锂阳极。 

Evaluation kit and board now available

The design of solid state thin film battery EnFilm™ EFL700A39 powered applications can now be evaluated and supported thanks to ST’s newly available kit and board:

  • The EFL700PMB – power management board – includes all the necessary power management circuitry around the EFL700A39 for charging and voltage regulation, deep discharge protection and a super-capacitor to sustain a high pulsed discharge current. It can be directly connected to the application for rapid performance evaluation. 
  • The EFL700EVALKIT – evaluation kit – includes the EFL700PMB as well as an LB with analog ammeter and digital voltmeter that enable discovery of the performance of the EFL700A39 by monitoring the voltage and the dynamic charge / discharge current in real use-case conditions. It also includes a pulsed load emulator to simulate applications that wake from sleep mode periodically.
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