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High efficiency integrated IEEE 802.3at PoE-PD interface and PWM controller type 2 PSE indicator, plus support for forward active clamp topology
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The PM8803 integrates a standard compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE) interface and a current mode PWM controller to simplify the design of the power supply sections of all powered devices. The PoE/PoE+ interface incorporates all the functions required by the IEEE 802.3at including detection, classification, undervoltage lockout (UVLO) and in-rush current limitation.

The PM8803 specifically performs IEEE802.3at Layer1 hardware classification, providing an indication of Type 2 PSE successful detection to the rest of the system.

The PM8803 has been designed to work with power either from the Ethernet cable or from an external power source such as a wall adapter, ensuring prevalence of the auxiliary source with respect to the PoE. The DC/DC section of the PM8803 features a programmable oscillator frequency, an adjustable slope compensation, dual complementary low-side drivers, programmable dead time and an internal temperature sensor.

The PM8803 targets high-efficiency conversion at all load conditions supporting flyback, forward, forward with active clamp converters and synchronous rectification.

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Key Features

  • IEEE 802.3at compliant PD interface
  • Works with power supplied from Ethernet LAN cables or from local auxiliary sources
  • Successful IEEE802.3at Layer1 classification indicator
  • Integrated 100 V, 0. 45 Ω, 1 A hot-swap MOSFET
  • Accurate 140 mA typ. inrush current level
  • Programmable classification current
  • Programmable DC current limit up to 1 A
  • Integrated high-voltage startup bias regulator
  • Thermal shutdown protection
  • Current mode pulse width modulator
  • Programmable oscillator frequency
  • 80% maximum duty cycle with internal slope compensation
  • Support for flyback, forward, forward active clamp, flyback with synchronous rectification

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Technical Documentation

Product Specifications

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DS7139: High-efficiency, IEEE 802.3at compliant integrated PoE-PD interface and PWM controller
2.0 831 KB

Application Notes

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AN3373: IEEE802.3at compliant PD + PS design based on PM8803 low power, synchronous flyback PoE converter
1.0 1,255 KB
AN3387: PM8803 layout guidelines
1.0 944 KB
AN4006: Designing a high-efficiency (60 W on 4 pairs) PoE converter using the PM8803 and an external current booster
1.0 3,186 KB
AN4473: PoE synchronous flyback, IEEE802.3at compliant, 5V - 4A PD converter based on the PM8803 controller
1.1 2,669 KB

User Manual

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UM1062: EVALPM8803-FWD: IEEE802.3at compliant demonstration kit with synchronous active clamp forward converter
1.1 1,495 KB
UM1063: EVALPM8803-FLY: IEEE802.3at compliant demonstration kit with synchronous flyback converter
2.0 1,870 KB

Related Tools and Software

Related Tools and Software

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STEVAL-TSP009V2 PoE 3.3 V - 6 A PD converter based on the PM8803 IEEE802.3at-compliant, synchronous flyback controller
STEVAL-TSP004V2 PoE 5 V - 4 A PD converter based on the PM8803 IEEE802.3at compliant synchronous flyback controller

Publications and Collaterals


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PM8803: Integrated PoE+ PD interface and PWM controller
3.1 216 KB

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