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标准和灵敏型晶闸管整流器 (SCR)

在给定系统环境为简单的栅极驱动或电源电压时,标准和灵敏栅极SCR具有重要价值。 这些器件支持过压保护、电机控制、电源网络开关及各种能量脉冲传输系统。

意法半导体SCR器件的峰值电压高达1200 V、最大电流高达50 A、灵敏栅极触发电流低于1 mA、标准栅极触发电流低于x10 mA。

New SCR optimized for rugged circuit breaker applications

The newcomer to ST’s logic level thyristor family, the TS110-8, is dedicated to miniature circuit breakers. It enables designers to reach a very low power consumption and a high robustness design thanks to its low leakage current and its 1250 V direct surge voltage capability. It provides high off-state immunity (dV/dt=200 V/μs) that ensures the breaker does not trip in case of an electrical fast transient (EFT) on the mains. The TS110-8 is available in the through-hole TO92 package, with two pinout versions, and in the surface-mount 3-lead SMBFlat-3L package.  
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