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ST's serial real-time clocks range from ultra-low power devices for portable applications to high-accuracy parts with analog calibration up to factory-calibrated RTC modules with an embedded crystal.

SRAM supervisor functions can transform a standard volatile SRAM into a non-volatile type of memory by using the backup power of the RTC. Additional functions like programmable watchdog, an early power-fail warning circuit and the power-on reset/low-voltage detect feature provide support for master MCU operations. The programmable alarm with repeat mode may be used for battery back-up operations.

Battery with crystal option
ST's removable/replaceable SNAPHAT® battery top contains a lithium coin-cell battery and a 32-kHz crystal. It is compatible with all of ST's serial- and parallel-interface real-time clocks in surface-mount SOH-28 and SOH-44 packages.

The SNAPHAT top is designed to be "snapped on" after the SOIC is surface-mounted on the PC board, preventing the battery and crystal from being exposed to the high temperatures of the surface mount process.

To evaluate the battery capacity consumption and lifetime, visit the Real-time clock battery life calculation webpage.
C code examples for interfacing with our serial RTCs are also available.




在25°C情况下,M41T62LC频率误差极低,每月偏差约5秒;同时提供350 nA的超低功耗待机,以及包含嵌入式晶体的1.5 x 3.2 mm超小尺寸封装。

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