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与微处理器监视相关的特性包括可编程看门狗、电源故障报警电路和加电复位/低压检测。 为了保护NVRAM,它们可以生成自动电池切换和写保护信号、电源故障取消选择电压与电池电量低监控标识。 带有重复模式的可编程报警器可在电池备份模式下使用。

Real-time clock for demanding wearable devices

Real-time clock for demanding wearable devices

ST’s M41T62LC6F real-time clock is the perfect match for wearable devices when size, weight, and power-efficiency matters.

It offers a very low frequency error at 25 °C which equates to about 5 seconds per month, an ultra-low power consumption of 350 nA in standby, and comes in an ultra-small 1.5 x 3.2 mm package with an embedded crystal oscillator.

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