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VIPower M0-5 Enhanced series

Standard intelligent power switches, when subject to overload or heavy short circuiting, are not protected against thermal stress (fast thermal transients), which is the main cause of silicon degradation.  VIPowerTM M0-5 devices have a patented internal control, called Power LImitation, that reduces silicon degradation by turning off the internal vertical power MOSFET when the junction temperature increases suddenly.

Moreover, additional protection is implemented via two different current-limitation values.  During the load inrush, the current is limited at ILIMH (high), but when thermal shutdown is triggered, the limitation current is decreased to ILIML (low), in order to reduce the thermal stress during permanent overload. So, compared to standard IPS devices, our M0-5 ICs offer a longer lifetime under hazardous conditions.

The new M0-5 Enhanced devices go even further, offering:

  • a wider variety of load compatabilities through current limitation range optimization
  • immediate diagnostic reaction over short-to-ground or overload conditions, when power limitation is detected
  • an analog current sense option, which provides open-load/short to VCC detection in off-state

M0-5 Enhanced technology is used in ST's:

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