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STreamPlug ST2100: broadband powerline communication SoC
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The STreamPlug ST2100 device is the STMicroelectronics®“Broad Band Powerline Communication” (BB PLC) solution, based on the powerful ARM926EJ-S™ processor (up to 333 MHz), widely used in applications where high computation performance is required, such as consumer (“Home Area Network” or HAN), industrial and smart grid applications.

In addition, the STreamPlug ST2100 has a memory management unit (MMU) that allows virtual memory management - making the system compliant with the Linux®operating system. It also offers 16 Kbyte of data cache, 32 Kbyte of instruction cache, JTAG and ETM™ (Embedded Trace Macrocell™ ) for debug operations.

A large set of peripherals allows a wide flexibility of the usage of the system in most of the possible PLC broadband applications (indoor and outdoor).

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Key Features

  • Configurable HW engine for multiple HomePlug®PHY and real-time MAC layers processing supporting:
  • HomePlug AV and 1.0 standards
  • HomePlug Green PHY™ standard
  • Integrated analog front-end
  • ARM926EJ-S™ 32-bit RISC CPU up to 333 MHz
  • 8/16 bit DDR mobile at 166 MHz and DDR2 at 333 MHz memory controller
  • Serial memory interface
  • 8/16-bits NOR Flash/NAND Flash and SRAM memories controllers
  • Multichannel DMA controller
  • Ethernet 10/100 MAC with MII interface
  • USB 2.0
  • PCI Express and S-ATA
  • Color LCD (CLCD) controller
  • JPEG codec accelerator
  • Cryptographic coprocessor
  • Up to 40 GPIOs
  • Enhanced I2S (digital audio interface)
  • I2C master/slave mode
  • Master/slave SSI
  • Two independent UARTs
  • Fast IrDA®
  • Real-time clock
  • Configurable serial port (SPORT) interface for external DSP and audio codec (ADC and DAC) in I2S mode
  • Transport stream interface (video TS)
  • Vectored interrupt controller (VIC)
  • JTAG (IEEE1149.1) interface
  • Three CPU instruction sets

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Technical Documentation

Product Specifications

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DS10123: Broadband powerline communication SoC optimized for audio/video streaming and consumer applications
1.0 518 KB
DB2078: STreamPlug ST2100: broadband powerline communication SoC
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User Manual

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UM1942: Linux software user manual for STreamPlug ST2100
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Publications and Collaterals


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Connectivity solution for Electric Vehicle
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