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意法半导体推出了全套SiC二极管,其电压范围为600 ~ 1200 V,包含单、双二极管。这些产品提供多种封装选项,从DPAK到TO-247,让设计者能够灵活提高效率和可靠性,加快产品面市步伐,削减成本。

Performance comparison curve between 600 V Si, Ultrafast tandem and Si diodes

ST extends its 650 V new generation SiC diodes with dual-configuration devices

ST’s new 650 V rated silicon-carbide diode range now includes common-cathode or series dual-configuration devices, allowing use in interleaved or bridgeless power-factor correction (PFC) circuits:

- The STPSC8/12/16/20H065C (8, 12,16, 20 A), have a common-cathode configuration, in standard TO-220AB package (and TO-247 for the 20-amp device)
- The STPSC6/8/10TH13TI (6, 8, 10 A), have a series configuration, in insulated TO-220AB package simplifying the heatsink fixing and replacing external isolation

These devices combine SiC performance advantages of higher energy efficiency and ruggedness versus silicon rectifiers, with the space savings and EMI reduction of dual integrated diodes.
They enhance energy efficiency and simplify the design of equipment such as server and telecom power supplies, solar inverters or electric-vehicle charging stations.

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