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意法半导体的加速度计适于便携式应用(例如手机和PDA)和其它需要低功耗与更小的封装尺寸的应用。意法半导体最近推出的新一代加速度计在小型化方面取得了巨大进步,封装尺寸仅为2x2x1 mm,并且提供2种管脚选项:14和12引线。



MEMS sensors for designs requiring long-term availability

MEMS sensors for designs requiring long-term availability

ST launches a new series of MEMS sensors that will stay in production for ten years starting from their date of introduction. These products take part to the 10 years' longevity commitment program, which assures, on selected parts, continuity and stability of supply for ST customers, especially those that design industrial applications and require long-term product availability.
The first 3 sensors joining the program are two new 3-axis accelerometers (IIS328DQ and IIS2DH) and a 3-axis gyroscope (I3G4250D) specifically intended for harsh industrial environments often characterized by extended temperature ranges and a high level of shocks and vibrations.

Click here for more information about the 10 years' longevity commitment program. 

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