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100 W LED street lighting evaluation board using STLUX385A
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The STEVAL-ILL066V1 evaluation board is a complete and configurable solution that efficiently controls a single dimmable high brightness LED string using the STLUX385A digital controller.

The LED efficiency is high during all stages of dimming and the STEVAL-ILL066V1 can achieve a 92% efficiency during full load while maintaining a low < 200 mW power consumption during idle periods.

The STLUX385A device handles a primary side regulated power conversion stage as well as all the supported communication links.

The power conversion stage consists of a PFC regulator followed by a “Zero Voltage Switching” (ZVS) LC resonant stage. The high precision dimming is adjusted using a primary side regulation (PSR) control technique.

The LED brightness can be dimmed by controlling the LED current down to a very low level.

The STEVAL-ILL066V1 evaluation board provides all the physical communication interfaces such as a DALI, insulated 0-10 and UART. All the communication is managed by the STLUX385A device. The UART interface and STLUX385A flexibility allow to quickly connect the STEVAL-ILL066V1 to alternative interfaces such as Wi-Fi, power line modems, Bluetooth®and Zigbee®. (Previous part number was STEVAL385LEDPSR).

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Data Brief

Key Features

  • STLUX385A based
  • High efficiency (92%)
  • Primary side controlled
  • Up to 100 W (100 V at 1 A or 200 V at 0.5 A)
  • Single isolated output suitable for LED connection.
  • Wide input voltage range: 90 V to 265 V AC
  • Adjustable LED current and dimming
  • Output resolution: 11-bit equivalent.
  • IDLE mode power consumption: < 200 mW
  • Real-time fault detection and protection (e. g.: short- or open circuit)
  • Remote control via DALI, 0 - 10 V, UART
  • RoHS compliant


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Technical Documentation

Product Specifications

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DB2309: 100 W LED street lighting evaluation board using STLUX385A
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Application Notes

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AN4461: 100 W LED street lighting application using STLUX385A
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Design Notes & Tips

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DN0028: STEVAL-ILL066V1 - 90Vac-305Vac input
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Hardware Resources

Board Manufacturing Specification

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STEVAL-ILL066V1 gerber files
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Bill of Materials

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Schematic Pack

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STEVAL-ILL066V1 schematics
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License Agreement

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Evaluation products license agreement
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