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STM32 Nucleo板遵循精益方法,是原型开发及社区使用的理想工具选择。Arduino™连接器和ST Morpho连接器方便用户轻松使用应用相关的附加硬件进行扩展。MCU的所有I/O都能方便访问,该板自带HAL库,可工作于IAR、Keil、基于CCC的IDE以及所有mbed™在线IDE。

STM32探索套件是评估STM32 MCU卓越能力的廉价而完整的工具。它们带有必要的组件,例如MEMS麦克风、传感器、LCD显示器,用来演示特定的设备特性。HAL库与软件例程方便了用户的评估和原型设计,支持IAR、Keil、基于CCC的IDE。



Getting started with STM32L4

• Purchase a Nucleo boardDiscovery kit or Evaluation kit for STM32L4 MCUs. 

• Download and install ST’s STM32CubeMX code generator/configurator including the power consumption calculation and the STM32CubeL4 embedded software package, containing HAL and middleware. Start with one of the many examples provided or build your own project.

• Get trained watching the STM32L4 on line training 

STM32F7 hardware tools

STM32F7 hardware tools
The new STM32F7 discovery kit STM32F746G-DISCO offers all the features developers or makers need to create their own final application. While this low-cost development platform will enable many new original products and applications, it also comes pre-loaded with a full set of demo software libraries which benefit from the many features of STM32F7 microcontrollers and can be used as a reference. The fully loaded evaluation boards STM32756G-EVAL2 and STM32746G-EVAL2(with and without a cryptographic accelerator, respectively) are available for developers who want to access the superset features of the STM32F7 series.
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