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STM32 MCU Nucleo

用户可使用价格超低的STM32 Nucleo板,对任意STM32 MCU进行创新尝试并快速建立应用原型。

通过Arduino连接器和ST Morpho扩展插头,STM32 Nucleo板可轻松使用多种应用相关的附加硬件进行扩展。STM32 Nucleo板自带集成的ST-Link调试器/编程器;不需要外部探针。该板可工作于广泛的开发环境,包括IAR EWARM、Keil MDK、mbed、基于GCC的IDE(Atollic TrueStudio)。

STM32 Nucleo用户可在mbed.org免费访问mbed在线编译器、mbed在线C/C++ SDK及开发者社区,仅用几分钟就可以生成一个完整的应用。

STM32 Nucleo ecosystem

A total of nine STM32 Nucleo boards covers today a major part of the STM32 MCU portfolio. The list of expansion boards is growing, allowing customers to easily build prototypes for all sorts of applications including IoT devices. A list of already supported expansion boards can be found on the web page related to the NUCLEO-F401RE on ARM Mbed
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