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意法半导体基于32位ARM Cortex-M内核的STM32系列微控制器得到了一整套软件工具的支持。 

它包括传统集成开发环境 – IDE,由主流第三方提供C/C++编译器和调试器(免费版本可以处理的最大代码量可达64KB)。这些作为ST的补充工具,可以配置或初始化MCU,并能监测它的运行情况。


除了传统C和C++语言,现在可以通过Microsoft .NET Micro Framework开发环境用Java、Java和C的混合代码或者C#开发STM32应用。


Software development for STM32 made easy with STM32Cube™

Software development for STM32 made easy with STM32Cube™

STM32Cube is an entirely free tool, providing

STM32CubeMX , a generator of initialization C-code for STM32 MCUs, based on a graphical user interface, and one embedded software library per series of STM32 products, containing the hardware abstraction layer (HAL) for the STM32 peripherals and a set of Middleware (RTOS, USB, TCP/IP, Graphics, …) based on components that are either ST developed or open source

The initialization code and HAL and Middleware library work with all STM32 compilers, the included  project examples are set up for IAR, Keil, and the GCC based Atollic IDE. 

STM32Cube comes with hundreds of application code examples and supports the STM32 F4, STM32 F3, STM32 F2, STM32 F0, STM32 L0 , STM32 L1  and now also the STM32 F1 series.

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