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SPEAr310 evaluation board
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The EVALSPEAr310 evaluation board allows you to quickly evaluate and debug software for the SPEAr310. It acts as a learning tool to rapidly get familiar with the SPEAr310 features and provides a starting point for the development of the final application board. It is equipped with most of the interfaces offered by the SPEAr310. The board is equipped with one MII Ethernet port, four SMII Ethernet ports, six RS232 ports, two HDLC based RS485 ports and one E1/TDM port. Memory devices included are NAND Flash, parallel NOR Flash, serial NOR Flash, and I²C EEPROM.

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Data Brief

Key Features

  • SPEAr310 embedded MPU
  • Up to 2 Gbits DDR 2333 MHz (std 128 Mbytes)
  • Up to 1.5 Gbytes parallel NOR Flash (std 16 Mbytes)
  • Up to 16 Mbytes serial NOR Flash memory (std 64 Mbytes)
  • Up to 2 Gbits NAND Flash memory (std 64 Mbytes)
  • 4 Kb Serial I2C EEPROM
  • 4 Mb SPI Flash memory
  • Two USB 2.0 full Host port channels
  • One USB 2.0 high speed Device
  • One 10/100 Ethernet port based on MII PHY
  • Four 10/100 Ethernet port based on SMII PHY
  • One E1, 2x BNC/RJ48(2.048 Mbits)
  • Two HDLC RS485 DB9 ports (up to 4 MHz)
  • One HDLC-TDM port (8 Mb, 128 TS)
  • Six serial ports (up to 115 kbaud)
  • 8 ADC channels (10-bit, 1 Msamples)
  • 6 GPIOs
  • JTAG debug port


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Technical Documentation

Product Specifications

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DB1128: Evaluation board for SPEAr310 embedded MPU
1.1 189 KB

Application Notes

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AN3321: How to enable remote reset from JTAG on EVALSPEAr310 board rev 2.0
1.0 257 KB

Technical Notes & Articles

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TN0559: Installing the SPEAr Linux Support Package (LSP 2.3.2)
1.1 64 KB

User Manual

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UM0843: EVALSPEAr310 - evaluation board for the SPEAr310
2.2 866 KB
UM1535: Getting started with SPEAr® Linux support package (LSP 3.2.5)
2.0 486 KB

Release Notes

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RN0081: Linux support package (LSP) v3.2.3 for SPEAr eMPU family
2.0 218 KB
RN0082: Linux support package (LSP) v3.2.5 for SPEAr eMPU family
1.0 237 KB

Presentations & Training Material


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Getting started with Linux OS for SPEAr eMPUs
2.4 107 KB

Hardware Resources

Board Manufacturing Specification

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EVALSPEAr310 PCB dimensions and layouts
2.0.0 385 KB
EVALSPEAr310 board Gerber files
2.0.0 3,384 KB
PCB trace length worksheet for SPEAr3xx evaluation boards
1.1.0 20 KB

Bill of Materials

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2.0.1 232 KB

Schematic Pack

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EVALSPEAr310 schematics
2.0.1 451 KB

Related Tools and Software

Related Tools and Software

产品型号 描述
STSW-SPEAR012 Root Filesystem Flash Image for NAND (large page)
STSW-SPEAR011 Root Filesystem Flash Image for serial NOR
STSW-SPEAR008 USB Flasher (Windows PC)
STSW-SPEAR019 EVALSP310 Flash Images (XLoader/U-Boot/Linux)
STSW-SPEAR009 USB flasher for SPEAR
STSW-SPEAR010 Root Filesystem Flash Image for NAND (small page)
STSW-SPEAR007 STLinux for SPEAr Install Script and User Manual

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